Toyota C-HR with our stylish and innovative custom seat covers

Today's fast-paced and efficient society has led many people to choose cars to help them work and live better. Toyota CHR, as one of the most popular mainstream models, has received recognition from car owners for its high appearance, high-tech elements, and dynamic characteristics. Meanwhile, you can take some time to enjoy your driving feels, it will add some stimulants if get a cool interior that matches the seat covers. But CHR owners have found a problem: the feelings of the seat need to be improved. There is no doubt that car manufacturers will provide some mediocre fiber seats as run normally in daily use, we need it to be a little more crazy.

Here is a way to use high-quality and color-mixing covers to veil your plain seats, making them original but kind of different. It is fantastic, you can change a different seat look at a low cost. Covers will not cost more than seat replacement. Therefore, ekrcover has launched a CHR-customized seat cover, which brings a better user experience to car owners, which matches the car interior.

The practicality x beauty, allows you to attach two-tone color leather mixed on the top part side on the backrest and headrests. Edge goes blue piping holds the whole seat covers shape.

The color-matching seat cover is not only divided according to the shape and composition of the original seat, but also reflects the overall aesthetic feeling, which will not appear abrupt, brings the mix and match of colors, and ensures visual comfort at the same time. By measuring the composition of the car's original seat and keeping the same division, passengers can't even find that it's a seat cover, not the original seat. This is sure to get rave reviews. Rich colors will bring a colorful drive to life, and provide a better driving experience and new ideas for you.

For some car models like CHR, we even offer a front center console cover.

Cover the seat side edge

Look at the back and you will find why the EKR seat cover is different from others, it completely wraps the back, just like a new layer of clothes completely wraps the car seat's body. Of course, we have designed a more ingenious hidden opening design for the airbag area, which will not affect the deployment of the airbag in an emergency. 

EKR also provides an additional map pocket. After a long period of customer research, we finally concluded that this is the only pocket that the owner and passengers can use during daily car use. We discarded other cumbersome pockets, because they are as useless as the appendix part of the human body, and even affect the beauty and use of the seat cover to a certain extent.

We also dealt with the fixed latches of the rear backrest, so you don't have to worry about the normal use of the car seat due to the full-wrapped feature title, this is the custom seat cover.

Using customized seat covers on the Toyota CHR exclusive model has many advantages. First of all, since the shape of the seat is the same as the original car, the customized cover can perfectly fit the seat, protecting the original seat cover from wear and tear.
Secondly, the diverse selection of materials, colors, and styles of customized seat covers can allow you to personalize the interior of your car and improve the owner's taste. Now this chr covers just a template. In addition, custom seat covers are made of high-quality materials, providing better seat comfort.

The innovative design of Toyota CHR continuously attracts the attention of consumers, and these innovative designs are also applied to customized seat covers. Especially in the materials and processes of custom seat covers, these innovative elements further enhance the comfort of the seat, and expand the product's functionality, performance, and aesthetics, making car owners more satisfied. As consumer demand continues to update and automotive technology continues to evolve, Toyota CHR continues to develop and improve to meet car owners' demand for comfort, practicality, and high quality.

Overall, Toyota CHR custom seat covers are a valuable customization service provided by the ekrcover team. It can improve quality, protect seats, and create a beautiful and personalized car interior environment for car owners. Custom seat covers will become an essential product in the market, helping car owners enjoy a better driving experience.

The Toyota CHR-custom seat cover is an improved design that highlights humanized needs. It can not only improve the owner's taste but also bring a better user experience. If you have been using the monotonous original interior with car seats, it will lead to aesthetic fatigue to a certain extent. Reducing fatigue not only enhances driving pleasure but also keeps the driver more focused to ensure safe driving. With innovative design concepts and rigorous production processes, Toyota CHR custom seat covers become an ideal choice for car owners to achieve comfort, safety, and fashionable environmental protection.